FAQ: VenusBlood HOLLOW English Localization Project
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Yes, the base game is for all-ages. However, there will be a separate patch available for download from JAST USA’s site (FOR FREE) on release that will restore all cut content.

Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:54

Rebirth? (異世界転生)

Basically, we will design a new unit based on your preferences/requests and it will appear in VBHI as a common unit. For example, you can specify things like gender, hairstyle, pose, backstory etc. If you are an artist, you can submit a drawing or such (something you own the copyright to) and we can use it as a reference when designing the character. This tier does not limit you to an original character, you can even ask to have you yourself inserted as the character, though we cannot guarantee an exact likeness. What we DO NOT ALLOW though, is anything that violates another’s copyright. Also keep in mind that although we will do our best to accommodate any and all requests, some may not be incorporated…We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Technically, we do allow slightly altered version of characters from other VenusBlood games or Ninetail games, but this will be handled on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not we can allow it. (Anything that would contradict the original game’s canon or world, for example, would not be allowed) We also do not allow characters from other VB games or Ninetail games to be selected to have a scene via the combination of Rebirth + Flower of the Battlefield, supposing they were your choice for the Rebirth character. We will receive your request via email or a chat client after the campaign is successfully funded. Regarding stats, we will discuss the units status parameters, skills and such with you via email (Or optionally discord, if you are in Kaede’s Corner server). If you are familiar with the game’s balancing, feel free to let us know your desired stats and skills, though we cannot guarantee we will make use of it exactly as is. If you are new, however, feel free to ask questions and discuss with us regarding the unit’s stats and skills! We are happy to help. Leaving it all to us is also an option, as well as just giving us a general idea of what playstyle/role on the battlefield you want your character to have and leaving it to us to build the character for it. And finally, if we feel that your request is perhaps a little too unreasonable or find that we cannot fulfill it, we may have to make changes to it or request you to change it. And in the end, we also reserve the right on making the final call/having the final say regarding the unit. We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

貴方が考案したユニットを、実際にVenusBlood HOLLOW International に登場させる権利です。 基本的に、他社の権利を侵害しない、オリジナルのアイデアである必要があります。 能力やパラメータ、セリフや設定などは、支援者様とナインテイルが相談して決定することになります。 また、VenusBloodシリーズ作品の主要登場人物の変化パターンや、存在しない関係者を希望することも可能ではありますが、内容にもよります。 あくまでVenusBloodシリーズの作品や、原作を破壊しない範囲内で、プレッジをお楽しみ下さいますようお願いします。 とくに、VenusBloodシリーズの主要登場人物は、後述の戦場の紅一点ではイベントシーンを追加できないことにご留意ください。 無茶なご依頼と判断した場合には、提案を修正させて頂くこともございます。予め、ご了承ください。

Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:55

Flower of the Battlefield? (戦場の紅一点)

This tier/reward is, simply put, giving a common unit a new scene. This does not apply to any of the main characters/side characters of any of the VenusBlood games or Ninetail games. Once you pledge for this tier, we will send you an email requesting light details for the scene so that we can confirm whether or not it is acceptable. As for the details for the scene itself, we will accept your suggestions and such for how the scene will go/play out, however, there is a chance that we may not be able to accept it depending on the content. As for the content of the scene, the scenario text and such, we will not accept requests for direct changes to the script, and we also will not accept request for rewrites of any sort. Please do not send us emails requesting such things, for we will not respond to it. Regarding the details of the scene, we at Ninetail will decide who the artist, scenario writer and voice actress will be. We appreciate your understanding regarding these matters.

あくまで、一般ユニットに対してイベントシーンを追加する権利ですので、 VenusBloodシリーズ作品の主要登場人物のイベントシーンを追加することは出来ません。 プレッジをして頂いた段階で、一度ナインテイルから内容の確認をさせて頂きます。 シーンの内容については希望をお聞きいたしますが、都合によりそのままでは受けられない場合があります。 また、追加されるシナリオ本文に対しての、直接的な文章指示や、改稿依頼は受け付けられません。そうした要望もお出しにならないようご注意ください。 当該シーンにおける、原画家およびシナリオライター、声優の選定については、ナインテイルが行います。予め、ご了承ください。

Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:55

Time limited Addons? (期間限定アッドオン)

These add-ons will be added to the pre-order store for a limited time only. After that duration is up, we will not be accepting orders for the add-on anymore. For the duration of the Kickstarter project, they can be chosen as add-ons individually.


Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:56

FRONTIER GATE (VBFIの異世界転生ユニットについて)

Did you back for a Rebirth custom character in the VBFI Kickstarter? If so, we’re glad to have you back! (If you did not, then we’re sorry, but you aren’t eligible for this reward. Please look at the REBIRTH tier for details on getting a custom unit into the game!) With this tier/add-on, you can now bring your custom unit from VBFI over to the world of VBHI, and watch as they rampage through the battlefield once more! Their stats and skills may undergo changes as a result of this world leap.

強さ的に、そのゲーム内での最上位クラスのユニット相当となるため、今回は基本的には登場しない方針でした。 しかしながら、再録できるプレッジも用意しましたので、もしどうしても、という支援者の方がいらっしゃいましたら、 そちらをご検討ください。 >アッドオン:フロンティアゲート

Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:56

Will the physical version be uncensored? (フィジカル版のモザイクについて)

Unfortunately, due to the various laws in different countries, we can only provide an all-ages version of the physical packaged version. However, the uncensor patch that you can download from JAST USA’s site is also compatible with the physical version.

リワードの物理パッケージ版は全年齢版となります。 また、キックスターター成功時に発売される、ダウンロード版及びパッケージ版につきましては、日本国の法律上、コンピュータソフトウェア倫理機構の規定に従ったものとなります。

Last updated: October 07, 2020 02:57

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
No shipping updates are provided.
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