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Stretch Goal New Character Reveal + New BGM Tracks Reveal! / ストレッチゴール新規キャラ披露+新規BGM公開
9 days ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 04:38:09 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, everyone!

Another extremely juicy update today with information we're sure many were waiting impatiently for!

So, without further ado, let us get going with this update!

Stretch Goal Character Reveal

The second and final new stretch goal character after Iris in the previous corresponding update...Alioth!

Seer of the Stars: Alioth

“This world, the you that is in front of me...Is it but a dream I am having? Or am I perhaps simply a resident of said dream...? I certainly wonder what the correct answer to this question is...”

Now then, if you're someone who has played the original VBH, this name might seem familiar to you!

Maybe not as much as the previous new character, Iris, but those who have paid close attention to the story should at least have some inkling!

Here is a short introduction to the role she will play in VBHI:

A free and unrestrained travelling fortune teller who leads a band of historical heroes.

Appearing before Leonhardt who was leading the Vanguard of the Empire’s forces, she offers to aid him in his efforts.

She is capable of using extremely powerful and potent magic without the aid of any Tactica, and she often questions Leonhardt on various things. To what end, you may ask? Perhaps nobody but her may ever know.

Alioth...An ally claiming to have travelled far an wide, leading an eccentric entourage. 

But, she will surely be a tremendous help to Leonhardt on his journey to fulfill his ambition.

Not to mention, she seems to have a peculiar interest in Anora...But to what end?

Well then, do look forward to her appearance in the full version of VBHI!


New BGM Tracks

Now then, remember Stretch Goal 2 had a point that said "New in-game BGM"? Well, it's not like we meant only a single track or anything! Hah, in fact, we would like to share 2 new BGM tracks with you all today!

The Storm Begins

Blade of Conflict

We hope you enjoy listening to these tracks, and do look forward to the rest in the final release of the game!

Oh, and of course, these new tracks will also be featured in the Original Soundtrack (Both Digital & Physical)!





それでは、ストレッチゴール達成による2人目の追加新規キャラクターは……星の語り部 「アリオテ」





















New Rebirth Units Introductions Pt. 2 / 新規異世界転生ユニットの紹介2
23 days ago – Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 04:25:39 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, everyone!

Continuing on from the previous update, we would like to reveal even more new Rebirth Units in this one, too!

Descent of the Mechanical Goddesses

Mechanical Eve: Tiera

Backer: 夜空(Yozora)

1 of 2 human-like robots from another world so advanced that she is considered an "Artificial God" .

Despite being a machine, she is a special one that houses within her a "heart", making her a very kind girl who looks out for her neighbours.

She has made her way through many trials and tribulations including many battles, but deep down she harbours only the simple wish to protect those important to her.

Jet-Black Artificial God: Kuon 

Backer: 夜空(Yozora)

1 of 2 human-like robots from another world so advanced that she is considered an "Artificial God" .

Despite being a machine, she is a special one that houses within her a "heart",  and she was originally made to be a sort of arbitrator for the relationship between humankind and machines.

She claims to have a very fierce personality,  but those who know her well often say that she is a very "naive older sister type", an assessment of which she is none too pleased to hear. 

Refreshing Folk from Another World

A Cornered Rat Running From Cat: Escaped Wild Rat

Backer: tyosh

A rat that was caught by a Nekomata, but somehow managed to barely escape from its clutches alive. A true survivor, a wild rat that has gone through hell. 

Perhaps because of this experience, it has become extremely wary and cautious.

However, it does not know that it is destined to be captured by the vanguard of a certain army on Helvetia right now...

Kuon's Evangelist Tentacle: Tugai

Backer: つがい◇ゆあ (Tsugai Yua)

A tentacle who has succeeded in peeking and observing a being known as Kuon, of the world known as "Kikaijikake no Eve", and has come to very deeply respect and worship her.

So much, in fact, that he created original goodies of Kuon, and he now seeks to spread the teachings of (Kuon) love and how great Kuon is throughout the world of VenusBlood.

Wiggly Elixir: Destroyed Tentacle

Backer: つま~さ (Tsuma-sa)

Having been thoroughly destroyed by someone, this tentacle now has a newfound sense of extreme self-preservation, going to extreme lengths in order to preserve its life.

Shriveling back at the sight of any assertive or aggressive female life forms, it tends to get itself ready to run at a moments notice.

Any other of his kind that sees his miserable state will usually stare in pure shock and terror. However, it is said that the...juice leaking out of its stumps function as a sort of panacea, one that can cure any and all sicknesses.

Heroes of the East from Another World

The God of Blades' Hero: En-Ou-Ki

Backer: 龍国産おせんべい (Ryuukokusan Osenbei)

A hero from the far east, hailing from another world.

Wreathed in flames, he is an extremely powerful being despite being only human. 

At first, he was content to sit out the current war on Helvetia, believing that doing anything to worsen the situation would not be a good idea.

However, as he saw what happened to the humans of the world, and the harm that was being caused to them, he has decided to take up his blade once more.

Protective Fist of Fire: Suzu

Backer: 龍国産おせんべい (Ryuukokusan Osenbei)

Once a simple blade from another world known as "Zanten" (Cutting the Heavens), she was given form after countless battles. 

She might, perhaps, be a form of "Tsukumogami", a spirit that possesses an item that held great importance to someone, and was well loved by said master.

Believing that she had failed her master as his blade after he was killed in battle, she is haunted by constant regret and thus she seeks to strengthen herself after becoming human. 

All for the sake of her former master, whom she dearly wishes to meet again. This time, she would fight at his side and fulfill her purpose as his blade.

Wreathing herself in flames, she uses her destructive fists of fire against her enemies, all for the sake of her master.

As the backer of this unit is a Knight Commander of the Tentacles of the Round, and has purchased multiple Flower of the Battlefield Add-ons, Suzu will be featured in not just 1, but 2 scenes! We hope you look forward to them! 

*All of these titles/names & art are subject to change and may not be final

One more thing, the Pre-Order store closes in about 42 days (May 28 JST), so if you are still interested in purchasing items from the pre-order store, do remember to do so before the deadline!


And that about does it for this update!

We hope you will look forward to even more unit reveals in future updates!





機械仕掛けのイヴ ティエラ



漆黒の造神 九音




窮鼠猫逃 トンソウ野ネズミ



九音の伝道触手 つがい



ピクピクエリクサー ブチィされた触手




斬神の英雄 焔王鬼



焔の護拳 紗



 よって『焔の護拳 紗』ちゃんは、イベントシーンエピソードが2つ実装されます!








New Rebirth Units Introductions Pt. 1 / 新規異世界転生ユニットの紹介1
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 03:47:22 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks!

Now then, an announcement that I'm sure many of you were excitedly waiting for! That's right, today we will be revealing a few of the new backer units that will be joining the VBHI roster (for use in battles)!

Today, we will be revealing 7 of them to you! Do look forward to the rest in future updates!

Heroes From Another World

The Black Ice Sorceress: Naryu

Backer: Bigglack

A female mage who once consumed a demon of ice, thus absorbing its power and making it her own. 

She now travels the world on a whim to fulfill her scientific curiosity of various things...And anyone who gets in her way is destined to end up as a popsicle!

It just so happened that a man by the name of "Leonhardt" recently caught her eye...

As her backer is a Knight Commander of the Tentacles of the Round, Naryu will be featured in her very own scene, so do look forward to it! 

Spirit Master: Masamilla

Backer: MasaMilla

A master of spirits from another world who is, herself, also a spirit.

Having divined, or rather, sensed a strange disturbance on Helvetia, she decided to pay the world a visit.

She is capable of using various techniques, including mastery of the elements surrounding this world and is extremely powerful. However, in order to minimise the potential problems of interfering with another world, she fights using a sword alongside a select few spells. 

The Guardian Swordswoman : Carleen

Backer: Abdulla Ahmed Alzaabi

Once a priestess in service o the church that worshipped the Goddess Elnath, she eventually took up the sword in order to survive.

Now a female mercenary who offers her skills to the highest bidder in order to earn enough money to care for the children of an orphanage.

In the current Helvetia, there are many children orphaned by the ongoing war, and as the land is mostly ruled by demons, Carleen raises these orphaned children in a remote mountain range.

Ancient Hero: Issa Kabeer

Backer: Issa Kabeer

A mysterious nobleman hero who has travelled far and wide.

Not much is known about him, but he is extremely familiar with major historical events, implying that he might have experienced them firsthand.

Beast Senpai Pouille

Backer: 不撸布鲁 (Burublue)

A great man hailing from another world. 

A beast when in battle, yet a kind man who cares for his juniors. He is rather popular among some groups of young men who often call him Ketsu-Aniki (傑兄貴). 

Although he looks human, he radiates the aura of a feral beast.

The Light that Illuminates the World, The Descent of the Pure-Hearted Goddesses

The Goddess of the Sun From Another World: Shamash

Backer: Kukoso

A Goddess of Creation hailing from another world.

Known as the 'Sun's Origin', she manages the gods of creation who govern over light. The form this goddess of creation takes is that of a phoenix.

When the world is in danger, she tends to approach kings or those who hold the power to save the world, posing as a seer who prophesizes the future.

She is also a god of judgement, but Shamash herself is actually a bit of a coward who feels that all the power and responsibility on her shoulders is a heavy burden.

Transcendent Prayer : Ellistrae

Backer: Kanshisha13

In an alternate dimension, there once existed a great evil that threatened to destroy the world.

It was only thanks to the compassion and love of a young Goddess who changed the heart of the great evil's only son that saved that world from certain destruction. Captured alive, she taught him that there was more to life than death and destruction. 

They worked together and ultimately succeeded in vanquishing this great evil at the cost of his soul being shattered. Unable to accept his sacrifice, Ellistrae used her feathers as a catalyst for an ancient ritual, sending avatars of herself across different dimension to look for him, or at the very least, what remains of him. 

To return his soul to Samsara, to bring him back into the cycle of reincarnation so that they might be reunited once more...That is her only goal. 

As luck would have it, one such feather arrives on Helvetia and, sensing a certain presence, manifested as a weakened avatar of her original body. 

*All of these titles/names are subject to change and may not be final

And that about does it for this week's update! 

We hope that you will save some room in your army for these units, as well as look forward to future updates where we will introduce the remaining new backer units!





影霜の魔女 ナリュー

バッカー: Bigglack




精霊の主 マサミラ

バッカー: MasaMilla


守護の女剣士 カルリーン 

バッカー: Abdulla Ahmed Alzaabi


古代の英雄 イッサ・カビール

バッカー: Issa Kabeer


傑兄貴 ビースト先輩プイレ

バッカー: 不撸布鲁 (ブルブル―)



異界の太陽神 シャマシュ

バッカー: Kukoso


世界を超えた祈り エリストラエ

バッカー: Kanshisha13






Stretch Goal New Character Reveal + Round Table Side Character Voter Scene (Kaya) / ストレッチゴール新規キャラ披露+円卓の触手サイドキャラクターシーン(カヤ)
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 04:01:44 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks!

An extremely juicy update today with information we're sure many of you have been hoping for!

Without further ado, let us begin!

Stretch Goal Character Reveal

The first of two new stretch goal characters is going to be a character known as Iris!

The Rainbow Goddess of War: Iris

"My name is Iris. I am a true goddess, one who has inherited the divine will of my predecessor, the original goddess..."

Now then, if you're someone who has played the original VBH, this name might seem familiar to you!

Here is a short introduction to the role she will play in VBHI:

A true goddess hailing from a parallel universe's Helvetia. 

Just after Leonhardt had conquered most of Helvetia, Iris suddenly appeared. A perfect, true goddess who seeks to destroy all who have within them the potential to become a Demon God. 

Even those with the slightest potential, if left to fester, will lead Helvetia to inevitable ruin.

Within Leonhardt, she senses enormous potential...

Potential that must be snuffed out immediately.

Iris is, in the end, another obstacle on Leonhardt's path to fulfilling his ambitions. Therefore she, too, must be defeated...Just like everyone else who stands in his way.

However, as she is a true, perfect goddess, she will surely be a threat unlike any Leon has faced until now! 

Do look forward to her appearance in the full version of VBHI!


Now then, for another piece of exciting news!

Today, we would like to formally introduce you all to Kaya's additional scene as decided by the voters of the Round Table!

Kaya's Voter Scene

Scene Synopsis:

After Kaya's childhood friend, Shinra, went missing in action on the battlefield, Kaya went into hiding.

One day, Kaya, who managed to evade capture for so long, was finally found by Leonhardt's soldiers who promptly captured her.

Leonhardt discussed the matter of how to make Kaya a willing pawn for his schemes with her former masters, Tsubaki and Ayame. It was then that they suggested a certain plan...

That night, disguised as Shinra, Leon made his way to Kaya's room...

And they spent a lovely night together...Was the original plan, but Leonhardt decided to reveal himself to her just as they were getting intimate.

Now, as players of the original VBH would know, Kaya never got a scene like this all to herself. So the fact that she can finally get one in the international release...Truly, a blessed fact indeed, one that should be savoured.

We hope that you are just as excited as we are to see what the final scene will look like!





























Round Table Side Character Voter Scenes (Nazuna & Dorothy) / 円卓の触手サイドキャラクターシーン(ナズナ&ドロシー)
2 months ago – Sun, Mar 07, 2021 at 12:06:34 PM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, everybody!

I dare say today is a great day for another update, yes? 

Today, we would like to formally introduce you all to Nazuna and Dorothy's additional scene as decided by the voters of the Round Table!

Nazuna's Scene

Scene Synopsis:

Having lost in a decisive battle against Leonhardt, Nazuna pledges to serve him loyally from then on.

However, she still feels some obligation to her former masters, Tsubaki and Ayame, and decides that she cannot allow things to go forward as they currently are. 

As a result of feeling this sense of crisis, she proceeds to sneak into Leonhard's room at night to assassinate him. However, as she stood there observing him, she could not help but realise some part of her was also attracted to him. 

As she stood there motionless for some time, she is greeted by a single sentence from her target, who was supposed to be asleep.

"Aren't you going to do anything?"

Leon says as he gets up to confront her, before proceeding to thoroughly 'remind' her once more who her real master is.

Is it love, or perhaps it is simply physical attraction? Perhaps we may never know.

Maybe some part of her secretly wanted to be caught by Leonhardt, to assuage the guilt she feels for serving a new master despite her old masters being alive and well? 

Either way, I'm sure after this night of some very intimate...'convincing', she can now feel free to wholeheartedly serve her new master.

We hope that you will all look forward to the finished version of this scene!

Dorothy's Scene

Scene Synopsis:

During battle, Dorothy used her own body to defend Leon against an explosion attack that left her debilitated. However, as she is a slime, her body can regenerate itself, albeit somewhat slowly.

Due to the nature of how she regenerated, Leon and Anora's soul cage on her somehow came undone?! 

However, despite having regained her free will, she does not feel any enmity towards Leon. In fact, she now sees him in a romantic light and now harbours a desire to bear his child.

Although initially caught in a storm of tumultuous emotions, she eventually gave in to her desires, visiting Leon's room at night dressed like a maid.

"I want to bear your child, so please, impregnate me!"

She says, before closing the door behind her. 

I suppose when you're already so used to being forced to act like you love someone that you just, well, actually fall in love for real.

A heartwarming story, to be sure. 

If you ask me, I'd say if you are going to wear an apron to seduce a man, may as well not wear anything underneath, but...Then again she's a slime, so...Hmm.

But hey, what a lucky guy Leon is. Even after the effect of the Soul Cage is gone, he is still loved by this adorable slime girl who also visits him in his room, at night, in a maid outfit...! 

And then mentions she wants his child...?!

We hope that you will all look forward to the finished version of this scene!

*Once again, Ninetail reserves the right to make further changes to these scenes if necessary to allow it it better fit into the existing story.





























そしてその上に、レオンの子が欲しいと言い出す! たまりませんね。